Pests aren't just a nuisance to humans; they also cause damage to land used for agriculture, residential buildings, and offices. The emergence of pests on your property cannot be predicted, which informs why an efficient pest control system must be embraced to tackle and eliminate common pests' invasion such as wasps, bees, rats, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. 

Of all these, wasp and bee control services are in more demand in Wakefield. What then are the best ways to get rid of bees and wasps?

  • Get Rid of Their Nests 

As much as bees are important to humankind, they are also dangerous around homes because of their sting. Since they are as vital to us as they are dangerous, one of the best control mechanisms is beehive removal in Lynnfield, MA. This ensures the removal of their nests without the use of toxins. 

One of the many confusions out there is taking a wasp for a bee. Many people do not know how to differentiate them. Wasps do not have much hair as bees, and they are leaner and more aggressive. Lynnfield wasp control around your drainage systems, roof spaces, and garages will give you peace of mind in your home. 

Wasps are also helpful in pollination but cannot be allowed to overrun the home. And one of the ways to get rid of them is wasp nest removal.

  • Make Use of Bee Repelling Plants 

Lynnfield pest control involves modern strategies such as using bee repelling plants around your homes to get rid of bees without removing or killing them. By planting Eucalyptus, Mint, and Citronella plants around your home, you rest assured bees will be prevented from stopping there to build their nests. You can either choose to grow any or all of the plants above yourself or involve a gardener. This is by far the best method of getting rid of bees without killing them or further despoiling the environment.

  • Spread Dryer Sheets

Pest control experts near Lynnfield understand that bees and wasps detest the smell of a dryer sheet and will not come near it. To use this method, endeavor to spread some dryer sheets around areas you intend to keep pest-free. This will ensure they stay far away from the territory you spread the dryer sheets.

  • Use Mothballs

Bees and wasps also dislike the smell of mothballs. Mothballs may be designed to get rid of moths only, but they can also repel both bees and wasps in the process. You can hang it anywhere around the area you desire to be pest-free.

  • Brown Paper Bags Are also important.

This method becomes a viable option because most bees and wasps cling to a particular territory. Fill a brown paper bag with air, and design it to look like the nest of a bee or a wasp. Put up the inflated bag around the area you want to be pest-free, and no bees or wasps dare come around there.

  • Cloves

Wasp and bee exterminators in Lynnfield make use of this pungent spice as an excellent repellent for bees and wasps. To keep your home pest-free, spread some out around the area you intend to exterminate the bees and wasps and watch them stay far away because of the offensive scent.

Everybody knows the importance of bees and wasps to our ecosystem, yet these pests should not be allowed to reside within your home as the aggressive kinds can attack humans with their stings. When you see these pests all around your yard, then know their nests are nearby also.

In all of these, should you require professional help to get rid of wasps and bees in your home or any other facility, get in touch with Eastern Pine Pest? Text or call us for a free estimate.

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