Guaranteed Treatment for Bed Bugs in Des Moines:

Janssen Pest Control has a reputation throughout the community for excellence that is evidenced in our customer testimonials. When it comes to treating bed bugs, most pest agencies shy away from making any kind of claims or promises about the results you’ll experience with them. We are proud to be one of the only pest control companies in Des Moines offering a ‘Pest-Free Guarantee’ that our treatment for bed bugs in Des Moines homes or businesses will result in your total satisfaction.
We’re able to make such a bold claim because we use a different type of treatment than most other pest control companies. At Janssen, we are on the leading-edge of pest treatments and techniques. We refuse to use out-dated treatments that don’t work or deliver results on the surface when under carpets, behind baseboards, and hidden deep within surfaces, bugs are still alive or larvae wait to hatch.
Most other pest control companies are still using traps, which work to catch ‘some’ bed bugs, but not all- and traps do nothing about the egg and larvae problem. Home remedies and over-the-counter treatments are typically traps as well. They just don’t do anything to get to the real heart of the problem, which is that the next generation of beg bugs are still in your home or business.
Our heat treatment for bed bugs is Des Moines first and the only treatment that not only kills bed bugs within 5 minutes, it also destroys eggs and larvae that are just waiting to grow into adults to continue their interruption of your life. We expose bed bugs to 122 degrees F of heat, a very safe temperature for the items in your home. Within 5 minutes of exposure, bed bugs, larvae, and eggs are dead. Our convective heat treatment protects your belongings while it turns up the heat on the problem.
Our WDDO Certified Canine Bed Bug Scent Detection process will allow us to quickly identify whether there’s a bed bug problem in your home, saving you a lot of money if treatment is unnecessary. The WDDO Certification is very difficult to obtain and means completely certainty on your part that we are able to identify and locate a bed bug problem in the event that one exists- and if you do have bed bugs, our heat treatment will eradicate the problem in a timely manner.
Trust our experts at Janssen Pest Control for the most reliable treatment for bed bugs in Des Moines. You’ve probably heard about how difficult it is to get rid of a bed bug problem once they’ve been found. That was typically the case prior to heat treatment taking the place of out-dated methods that didn’t work.
Heat treatment does work; in fact, we guarantee it, with our Pest Free Guarantee that protects your investment. Regardless of the size or scope of your bed bug problem, we’ll get to the bottom of it quickly and efficiently so you can sleep better at night. Call us at 515-519-3744 to schedule a treatment.
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