Our company has been using the Sentricon System for two decades now for termite control in Des Moines. Its primary function is to serve as a bait technology to completely eradicate the entire colony of the termites that, including the queen. With the given ample time, every termite in your place is completely gone.

The system is easy to install and operate. Once it is there in your house, it works like magic. It eradicates the worker termites responsible for the production of the food for the entire colony.

Kill the Termites Our Way

There may be a lot of termite control in Iowa and the surrounding areas, but Janssen Pest Solution is the number one choice of the customers. Whether it is residential or commercial, our company is always on the top list.

Here are the reasons why:

  • We offer a free estimate for the customers. Call us or schedule it online, our customer service is ready to answer all your queries.

  • We remain environmentally free and toxin-free. Each of our methods for any pest control ensures that we do not harm the environment. This makes our process safe for your family too.

  • We also have K-9s to help us locate the pests in your place. This makes our work faster and more accurate.

  • Customers are all satisfied. This is the reason why our local exterminators are residing in the area. Thus, it makes them fully aware of what the customers need. It also makes them knowledgeable about how to handle every situation in the neighborhood.

  • We use an IPM or the integrated Pest Management method that other pest controls don’t have.

  • A certified technician installs every Sentricon System. These technicians are the ones allowed to install the Sentricon in a very strategic way of ensuring to cover all the areas affected.

Termite Control in Des Moines is Made All Scientific

We provide a very extensive report about the current situation of your property. From this, we will give you recommendations on what is best to be done. Termite control can be challenging, but with our expert exterminators, all is done scientifically, giving you peace of mind.

Be Guarded at All Times

Now, even if you no longer see signs of termites in your property, you cannot be too sure you are free from them. That is why we offer a protection package to guard you at all times. By getting our service, you will be visited five times a year to check and see for any other pests that may be present in your household. This will entitle you to a discounted rate for our services.

So once you feel that termites are colonizing your house, do not think twice. Let us know ASAP so we can start taking action on it. In this way, you are putting an end to the pest that might ruin your very own home.

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