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Are you dealing with a pest problem on your property? Community Pest Solutions offers pest treatment for rodents, biting insects such as bed bugs, stinging insects such as wasps and arachnids like spiders.  Our pest control solutions in Saline, Mi, target the most prevalent pests in Michigan and are suitable for its weather.

Should I hire a professional pest control company?

While some pests are quite easy to deal with, others are complicated and even dangerous. In the case of wasp infestation, killing or trying to remove a nest on your own can be problematic. These insects are highly reactive creatures that will chase any threat relentlessly. A professional pest exterminator would have the tools and experience to deal with such dangerous situations.

Sometimes, it is also difficult to distinguish between species that are dangerous and harmless. Some species of spiders, such as the Black Widow are poisonous while others, like Daddy Long Legs, are harmless. If you don’t know much about insects and arachnids, you won’t know how to discern the lethal ones from the innocent ones.

Pest control companies also offer preventative service plans, so that after treatment once, you won’t need another for several months. This will save you plenty of time and trouble, preventing pest infestations from happening. Looking for pest control solutions in Saline, Mi? Contact us to find out about our service plans.

How do your pest control plans get rid of pests?

Our plans solve a variety of pest control problems. If you have a sudden infestation of a single pest, our one-time service plan is ideal. If you anticipate pest infestations with changes in seasons, our annual or preventative service plans are great.

We will also personalize the annual or preventative service plan to suit the circumstances around your property. We will evaluate to see which pests are the most prevalent and provide treatment, advice, and solutions accordingly. All our treatment plans are appropriate for the climate and ecosystems in Michigan.

Our preventative plan is for seasonal pests such as Boxelder bugs, Cluster flies, Asian Ladybird beetles, and Brown Marmorated Stink bugs. Towards the end of summer and start of autumn, these creatures gather around abandoned spaces in buildings and sneak into gaps and cracks they can find, until Spring arrives. The warmer temperatures in your home attract them more.

Preventative measures to avoid pest infestations

The majority of pest control issues are preventable if you use some preventative best practices. Of course, this is not to say that even the neatest and most careful households are immune to pest infestations.

Keep your kitchens, attics, and basements clean to avoid attracting rodents, flies, and spiders. These guys seek out warm, isolated places to nest. So, frequently cleaning out overlooked areas like attics will discourage them from coming.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a pest problem in your property? Contact us at Community Pest Solutions where we tackle Michigan’s biggest pest infestations. Our pest control solutions in Saline, Mi extends to commercial buildings and private residences.

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