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Pest doesn’t only cause a nuisance around the home, but they are also carriers of diseases which can pose a health threat to you and your family. As a result of this, pest prevention and extermination in the home, school, offices, and other places is considered vital to protect their infestation. For homeowners in Orange County whom these stubborn pests have invaded your home and environment, you can immediately get in touch with us at Pacific Pest Control in Orange County; we are just a call away from your doorstep! We aim to ensure that your home is pest free.

Are there things to be done before pest control commences?

Before a pest control treatment is done in your home, there are little preparations to be made before the arrival of our pest control technician to your home. These tasks aren’t strenuous and won’t take much of your time.  Doing all these mentioned below activities will not only make the job easy for our technicians but also ensure the successfulness of the treatment process.

It is a general rule to thoroughly tidy up your property and environment before the treatment process starts. Other things to get done are;

  • Ensure the cleanliness of your home before the technician arrives.
  • Make sure your countertops are food free, dishes, and other small appliances. It’s advisable to store open food properly.
  • Keep away baby pieces of stuff such as toys, crib, and others.
  • Use detergent to scrub and mop the kitchen and other surfaces. Also, vacuum the carpets as well.
  • Make sure any water supply leak get sealed.
  • If you have a pregnant woman around, a sick family member or very tender kids, endeavor to inform the company about it beforehand. Also, bear in mind that persons and pets must be kept away when the treatment is in progress.
  • Even after the technician leaves, ensure to maintain the best possible sanitation hygiene to allow the effectiveness of the procedure.

How often should pest control be done?

You can be so much bothered when your home or office seems invaded by pests. You feel so much relieved after their eradication, and at the same time, you also keep wondering how long the treatment will keep the pest away before they return.

The best way to get rid of pest infestation is by preventing it from not happening at all. You don’t need to wait till you’re invaded before you do a pest control treatment for your home or office.

The primary reason why you should call on us at Pacific Pest Control in Orange County is that our technicians perform a thorough inspection around your home the moment he or she arrives to check for the kind of pest troubling you, check for signs, and the severity of the problem as well. Also, entry and exit points will be checked to determine the best treatment that fits your home situation.

Once the treatment is carried out, you’ll get provided with more information by our technician on how to stop the pest from returning. The technician will then set up a treatment schedule to keep pest out of your home. In case of a common infestation, a bi-monthly treatment is quite perfect, but for more severe cases, monthly treatment may be required to put the situation under control.

Pest Control Orange County
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