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Chances are; you have found Asbestos Environmental of Canada because you have a concern that you may have toxic mold growing inside of your home or establishment. Sometimes, people start to feel sick, nauseous, or begin to have headaches all of a sudden. Others may be putting their home up for sale and just want to be sure that the home is free of mold. Recent water damage or a foul odor in the home escalate the likelihood that there is mold.

Whatever your reason for calling Asbestos Environmental of Canada may be; we can provide you with a mold inspection in Toronto. Mold inspections are the first step in mold remediation.

Contact Asbestos Environmental of Canada for a Mold Inspection in Toronto

Our experienced pros can quickly determine if mold is a problem inside of your home or business. We provide mold inspections in Toronto for residences and commercial properties. When you call us, we'll send out a certified mold inspector to perform a full visual inspection of your property. They'll also run some tests to get a clear picture of your indoor air quality. All samples obtained during a mold inspection are sent to a neutral third-party laboratory for analysis.

If it is determined that your home or establishment has elevated levels of mold, then Asbestos Environmental of Canada will provide you with a detailed report of how you can fix your problem. Because we utilize a third-party laboratory for sample testing, you can trust that there will be no conflict of interest in your mold report. Since our inspectors will already be familiar with your mold situation, it only makes sense that we then perform the mold remediation/restoration for you.

Do We Guarantee 100% Mold Removal?

Whether you know it or not; there is mold around us everywhere in the environment - both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, it is technically impossible to remove mold from any home or establishment completely. Of course, Asbestos Environmental of Canada will remove any standing mold in your home. But the mold remediation process is to get mold levels to a non-toxic level in your home. Be wary of any mold removal company that offers 100% mold removal!

What Could be Causing Mold in My Home or Establishment?

A broken or leaky pipe, rain, a hole in the roof, water damage, and even moist clothing that sits in one place for too long can lead to mold. Mold is a plant, so it tends to grow and spread very quickly. When spores are released into the air, the quality of the air quality in your home or establishment takes a hit. This can lead to illness, respiratory ailments, headaches, and worst, especially over a prolonged period!

Step one in removing mold is identifying it. We need to determine how much mold you have, where the mold is, what's causing the mold, and then determine the best way to remove and remediate the mold. We need to plan for which steps to take to keep the mold from growing back in the future.

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