Consider the Benefits of Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs in Des Moines:


If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, you’re looking for immediate results. Bed bugs can be a huge interruption to everyday life, often causing homeowners to seek refuge in a hotel while the problem escalates and one pest control company after another tries their treatment out to see what the results will be.
At Janssen Pest Control, we understand our customers do not have that kind of time on their hands to wait out an infestation and experiment with treatments to determine their effectiveness. Our pest technicians are on the cutting-edge of treatment, offering heat-penetrating bed bug treatment that works in minutes- not weeks.
Here’s the problem with most traditional treatments: Fumigation kills some pests and often leaves others unharmed. Bed bugs that are able to find a hiding place to wait out the fumigation will typically emerge afterward and simply go about business as usual. The biggest problem though, lies in the fact that most pest poisons do not kills eggs that are merely waiting to hatch- and once they do, the cycle will start all over again.
Heat treatment kills bed bugs, larvae, and their eggs- and our treatment is guaranteed, so you won’t have to worry about whether it worked or not. We guarantee it will work to eradicate bed bugs and their eggs from your building. We can make those kind of claims, first, because we have seen the results over and over and second, because we are committed to your total satisfaction with our services. We fully guarantee out heat treatment for bed bugs in Des Moines.
We are WDDO Certified by the World Detector Dog Organization to use specially-trained canine technicians to identify and locate bed bug infestations. If you have bed bugs- even a few of them- our canine can sniff them out. If you merely suspect a problem, but we find that one does not exist, you’ll save a lot of money from not having to treat your building. Knowing exactly where the problem exists is helpful to our treatment process, which is why our WDDO Certification really proves its value.
It should come as no surprise to learn that out-dated treatments for bed bugs typically take weeks to achieve a bug-free zone. Many pest technicians will declare a home or business bed bug free only to find that in a few weeks when eggs start to hatch, the problem starts all over again- and pest control companies rarely ever offer a guarantee of their services when bed bugs are concerned. Most will recommend that homeowners throw out bedding and buy new beds, furniture, curtains, etc.
We won’t ask you to take any of these extreme measures when you call us for affordable heat treatment for bed bugs in Des Moines. Our treatment kills bed hugs within 5 minutes of their exposure to 122 degrees of thermal heat- a safe temperature for all of your belongings. We’ll eradicate the problem so you can go on with your life. Our promise to you is a bed bug free home or business.
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