How to Choose the Right Exterminator in Des Moines:

If you’re in need of pest control services, you can easily become overwhelmed with the sheer number of companies seeking your business. While it’s easy to choose the first exterminator in Des Moines that comes up in your search, chances are, unless you do some research, your decision will be a big mistake.

Janssen Pest Solutions offers the following advice when looking for a pest control company:

Get a free estimate. Find out who’s going to save you the most money on services before you make your final decision- but never hire a pest control agency based solely on the cost of their services. There’s a lot to consider before you make the call.

Find out what type of pests your prospective company deals with. Pest agencies that don’t specialize in certain types of pests will simply use a blanket solution in hopes that it gets to the heart of the problem. Unfortunately, that’s very rarely the case when it comes to pests. What works for one type of pest may not work at all for another type.

Before you hire an exterminator in Des Moines, find out how long the company has been in service and what other customers are saying about them. Do a brief online search using a directory that offers unbiased reviews- like Yelp, or Google; if you have a preferred directory, feel free to use it. Type ‘Janssen Pest Solutions’ into the search bar of your directory and read through real customer testimonials to see how we are meeting the needs of our community.

Examine credentials located on a company’s website to learn more about qualifications that make them a better pick than the next exterminator in Des Moines. Janssen Pest Solutions maintains the highest Better Business Bureau rating, and is a member of several pest management associations throughout the state and country. We’ve been providing effective solutions to our customers’ biggest challenges for more than 30 years, and are recognized at professional exterminators that get results.

Whether you’re dealing with a pesky infestation of fleas that have not responded to several attempts to eradicate them, have seen bed bugs in your home or business and want to get a handle on them before they become a full-blown infestation, or are simply looking for routine pest solutions for a year-round bug-free environment, you can call on our experts at 515-519-3744 with full confidence that we can deliver on our promises to you.

Get to know us a little better by browsing our website and spending a few minutes on our ‘Services’ page. You’ll discover many reasons to choose us for your exterminator in Des Moines. We use Integrated Pest Management practices because every infestation is different and requires a multi-faceted approach to achieve eradication. We believe you’ll appreciate our EPA approved methods of pest control that include trapping, baiting, and non-toxic approaches to total pest elimination.

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