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When you live in Iowa, there are so many wonderful things to do and places to see, you probably don't want to ever have to think about bug control. Des Moines is just one of the Central Iowa cities where we provide first-class pest control.

Iowa pests to know about

Black Carpenter Ant

Similar to termites, black carpenter ants dwell in large colonies made up of worker ants and a queen. Slightly larger than the worker ants who serve her, the queen carpenter ant sports wings. Black carpenter ants tend to be around a quarter-inch to a half-inch in length and are completely black except for small yellowish hairs that may be found on the abdomen.

When black carpenter ants live outdoors and safely away from human structures, they can be interesting animals to watch. When they move into your home, however, black carpenter ants can be a very costly pest. Outdoors, carpenter ants live in decaying logs, forest debris and compost piles.

Black Carpenter ants typically swarm in springtime. If you see a lot of ants wandering about, chances are good that you have a carpenter ant infestation inside your walls. When black carpenter ants set up residence in the walls or support beams of your house, all sorts of trouble can ensue. Carpenter ants damage wood by chewing. They don't swallow the wood they hollow out, and they sometimes leave it where you can find it. Look for small piles of course sawdust near cracks in walls.

Finding the black carpenter colony can be tricky. The telltale sawdust that can be a clue is not always evident. But, the ant nest or nests must be found in order for the ant infestation to be abated. That's why it's so important to know about a reliable company that offers bug control in Des Moines or wherever you Iowa you happen to reside. Do yourself a favor, and save our number into your phone right now. That way, your bug control in Des Moines is only a phone call away.

To prevent a carpenter ant infestation

To keep carpenter ants at bay, repair roof leaks and fix all plumbing leaks and moisture issues. Eliminate any ground-to-wood contact such as spots where your landscaping abuts the wood siding of your structure.

Clip tree limbs back and removes any limbs or vegetation that touches the side of roof of your house. Carpenter ants may use limbs as an expressway into your home. Seal foundation cracks as soon as you note them, and never stack firewood near your house. Carpenter ants like to live in your walls, but if there is a log pile nearby, they will like that, too.

If you see black carpenter ants -or any sort of ants- in or around your home, give us a call at (515)519-3744 without delay. Janssen Pest Solutions has the skills and equipment to eradicate your black carpenter ant problem in a jiffy.

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