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Bird removal near me

Is bird control really necessary? After all, most people assume birds are cute, furry creatures that are completely harmless. The reality is bird populations present potential hazards. For instance, bird droppings carry more than 50 diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Worse still, some of the diseases are airborne and can be spread to anyone close by. Additionally, nesting materials from birds are fire hazards when built close to electrical wires.

Also, bird droppings contain acidic properties that strip paint on the trim of your windows or car. We’re here to prevent that and so much more from happening. If you’re having trouble with birds and need “ bird removal near me,” at Animoval, we’ll find the perfect solution for you that will ensure bird pests fly off for good.

Best Practices for Bird Removal

Birds can be a nuisance. The droppings aren't pleasing to at. Their nesting debris can clog gutters, they spread fleas, mites, and ticks, among a host of other problems. Top humane pest control companies recommend different methods that can effectively send birds away from your home:

  • Bird Nets

Nets are an excellent option for large open spaces and semi-enclosed places like gardens. Bird nets are available in different materials and offer a protective barrier that keeps birds away.

  • Bird Spikes

Spikes prevent birds from landing and nesting on windowsills, rooftop edges, and other elevated surfaces. They're quite easy to install, and you can either choose stainless steel or plastic spikes.

  • Laser Control Units

This is an example of a humane SoCal wildlife removal solution that emits blinding laser beams with different colors and patterns at intervals. The lights scare birds without harming them in any way, and the movement of the beams makes sure the bird pests don't get used to the laser beams.

Sonic Devices

To humans, sonic sounds naturally blend with the environment; however, the sounds frighten away birds. Constantly using sonic devices ensures birds don't return.

  • Realistic Decoys

Bird pest control services utilize visual scares to deter birds and make your property unsuitable for them. Decoys are usually stationary but have moving or even reflective parts. They appear quite realistic and can resemble bird predators like alligators, owls, and hawks. Birds see the decoys as a threat to them, compelling them to vacate your premises.

  • Ultrasonic

A majority of people can't hear the sound of these devices, but they emit irritating frequencies for birds. With the aid of an ultrasonic device, you can make your property unconducive for birds, forcing them to move elsewhere.

Reliable, Effective Bird Control Services

Search no further for " bird removal near me" than our company at Animoval. We offer top-of-the-line bird control services for clients in Los Angeles. This is done through the expert use of spikes, nets, and much more, depending on your specific needs. We'll help you control any bird issue on your property and come up with a sound, humane strategy to send them away permanently. Contact us online or by phone for the best humane animal removal services in Southern California:

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Bird removal near me
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