How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are hitch hikes by nature. This means that bed bugs primary means of moving from place to place is by using people to destitute them. Common modes of distribution are on backpacks, purses, diaper bags, luggage, and in items people bring along with them on trips or venturing out around town. Furniture, new and used can also be a common way to bed bugs find their way into homes.

Unfortunately there is no conclusive way to tell where bed bugs came from without retracing your steps over the last several months. Not every infestation is related to a "dirty" environment. Bed bugs are found in all different types of indoor environments. It’s important to attempt to locate the change that occurred in your life that might have brought bed bugs into your home. The last thing you want to do is reintroduce bed bugs after a treatment has been performed.

How Long Have I Had Bed Bugs In My Home?

Many homeowners are curious how long they have had bed bugs in order to help them identify a possible source of where the bed bugs might have come from. A trained pest control technician cannot accurately tell the duration of a bed bug infestation. There are a number of variables that make it very difficult to judge the age of an infestation. A broad estimate of the age of the bed bug infestation may be offered but it just a best guess. Not everyone who gets bitten by bed bugs reacts to the bed bug bits, in fact only about 60% of people who are bitten by bed bugs react to the bed bug bits.

Can I us bed bug bombs and sprays to control bed bugs in my home?

Home owners in Des Moines and central Iowa often attempt to treat themselves for bed bugs before call a pest control and bed bug service company. Unfortunately bed bug sprays and bombs found at local hardware and grocery stores can actually make the bed bug problem worse. Over the counter sprays and bombs contain a chemistry that actually drives bed beds deeper into hiding spots and makes them much more difficult to get rid of for good.

Another thing to consider is using the products safely. Recently a homeowner in Iowa accidentally set their home on fire spraying a homemade mixture of pest control products to control pests. Many over the counter products, if used incorrectly can have adverse effects on your home. For the safety of your home and family trust the professionals at Janssen Pest Solutions to help you solve your bed bug issues.

Why does my spouse seem to get bitten by bed bugs but I do not?

Research has shown that different people react differently to bed bug bites. Only about 60% of people react to bed bug bites while the other 40% do not show any symptoms of the bites. Don’t assume that if you do not notice bed bug bites, you are not getting bitten. Bed bugs feed on average every 3-7 days but research has shown that some bed bugs may feed every night. Bites are not the sole indication that bed bugs are present in your home though. Additional confirmations are required to conclude the presents of bed bugs in your home or business.

My doctor says my bites are from bed bugs, what should I do now?

According to the Mayo Clinic "It can be difficult to distinguish bedbug bites from other insect bites or rashes." As stated above, bites are not the sole indicator to a bed bug infestation. While doctors may be adamant that your bites are the result of bed bugs, this is not necessarily the case. Doctors consider many factors when assessing the reason for perceived bites, they may do several tests and biopsy a suspected bite, but unfortunately these tests cannot provide a conclusive diagnosis of bed bug bites.

The only way to confirm the presence of bed bugs is to find indicators such as cask skins, fecal deposits, bed bug eggs or live insects. These factors in conjunction with one another offer a positive indication bed bugs may be responsible for the bites. Contact Janssen Pest Solutions for a free visual inspection if you believe you have bed bugs in your home or business.

What should I expect if I hire Janssen Pest Solutions to conduct a bed bug treatment?

Janssen Pest Solutions is a leader in providing effective heat treatments to control bed bugs. Our technicians are trained, certified and specialize in controlling bed bugs with heat. A heat treatment ensures lethal heat for bed bugs is distributed throughout your home to kill bed bugs where they hide. Our system has effectively eliminated bed bugs from thousands of home in Des Moines and central Iowa. We initially started heat treatments for bed bug control back almost 10 years ago. This experience has afforded us the ability to implement strict treatment protocols and standards that ensure we can get you and your family back to sleeping well, free of bed bugs. Most treatment begin between 8am and 8:30am. A heat treatment is a very intensive process and requires our technicians to be at the very top of their game. As the temperature rises in the bed bug treatment area our technicians are inspecting areas for bed bugs and making sure to provide focused heat to the areas of infestation.

For us at Janssen Pest Solutions a heat treatment is not a set it and forget it kind of service. Throughout the day our technicians are monitoring temperatures via wireless temperature sensors. Empowered with this information they will adjust furniture, belongings, heaters and fans to make sure lethal heat is achieved in every area of your home. Once the treatment is complete and the equipment is moved out, you will find your home a little messier then it was when you left it. That’s not because we don’t take pride in our work, in fact it’s the result of the exact opposite. Almost every item in the treated area will be moved and adjusted to facilitate the flow of lethal heat to areas where bed bugs lie in wait to feed on you. Our staff is always available to answer questions about the treatment process, just give us a call at 515-223-0269 or submit the form above to find out more about our treatment process and why it is the best way to control bed bugs for you and your family.

Do I need to have a canine bed bug inspection done?

Not every situation requires a canine bed bug inspection. Early infestation can be difficult to identify via a visual bed bug inspection that is where the detection team can be very effective. Catching bed bug infestations early is the best way to reduce the cost of the treatment and help your family get back to living a bed bug free life. Our W.D.D.O. certified canines and handlers are about 90% accurate in identifying the presence of bed bugs and viable eggs. That’s pretty good odds considering the industry average for visual bed bug inspections are just 30% accurate in identifying low level bed bug infestations. If you think you have bed bugs, but can't seem to find any evidence, our canine detection service is the perfect option for you!

How much does a bed bug heat treatment cost?

Professional bed bug treatments are not cheap, and if you find someone willing to do it cheaply the cost will add up in the end. Heat treatments require specialized equipment, experienced, trained and certified technicians as well as 8-10 hours of treatment time. Our goal is to have two experiences technicians for each heat treatment, ensuring our customers get the very best treatment possible. The cost of a heat treatment varies based on each situation. Schedule a free estimate today to find out how we can help you get back to a good night’s sleep!