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Asbestos is a material that is present in many buildings and products. Unfortunately, asbestos is a carcinogen and is linked to cancer. When you are planning a renovation or demolition, you must check for the presence of asbestos. If asbestos is present, you must use the proper methods of safe remediation. Asbestos testing in Montreal is the best way to find out whether the material is in the building. At Asbestos Laboratories, we specialize in high-quality, reliable, efficient testing for dangerous substances, including asbestos, mould, and lead.

Why is Asbestos Testing in Montreal Necessary?

Asbestos is a hazardous material, and the law requires you to handle it carefully. The presence of asbestos isn’t generally dangerous unless the substance is disturbed, as it would be during construction and demolition. When it is disturbed, tiny asbestos particles enter the air. When you breathe in the particles, they enter the lungs, where they can cause harm. Over time, asbestos in the lungs may cause cancer and might also contribute to breathing problems and other illnesses. When you need to remove asbestos, you must call in a qualified team of experts with the proper safety equipment and procedures.

About Asbestos Testing in Montreal

At Asbestos Laboratories, we offer complete asbestos testing in Montreal. We offer two types of testing, depending on the type of sample. We use Polarized Light Microscopy, PLM, and Transmission Electron Microscopy, TEM, to analyze bulk and solid chunks of materials. We use Phase Contrast Microscopy, PCM, to analyze air samples. All you need to do is collect samples and place them into a secure bag. You can collect air samples with a unique cassette that we supply. The cassette contains a filter that will trap any asbestos particles in the air for evaluation.

What are the Benefits of Using Asbestos Laboratories?

Asbestos Laboratories offers expert asbestos testing in Montreal that has many benefits to consultants, contractors, and individuals. We provide several delivery options so that you can deliver the samples for faster service. We offer quick turnaround time for rush jobs. We use the best testing methods for accurate, careful results. Most importantly, you can obtain results quickly, so you won’t need to hold up your schedule. We understand how important it is to get fast, reliable asbestos test results in Canada.

Contact Asbestos Laboratories

Asbestos Laboratories is your go-to company for testing of asbestos, mould, and lead, along with other toxic substances. We are a family-owned business with full accreditation. We have more than 20 years of experience with asbestos abatement, so we understand the need for highly reliable, fast, testing in the area. We offer a way that you can receive results quickly and easily. We take the stress out of asbestos testing and make it simple for you to get the samples to us for testing. We use the latest technology and trained employees to analyze samples that we receive. We are proud to offer fast turnaround times for our customers. Contact us today for your asbestos testing needs.

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